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Taste Šolta

The flavours will complete your experience

When visiting different destinations it is always good to taste some of traditional food and flavours of the place. Just sightseeing can’t give you a complete experience. It is the same when you come to Šolta. The beauty of the island will fascinate you and the flavours will complete your experience.

For the start, we recommend you a sip of famous Dobričić wine. It is the best wine from the indigenous island grapes which will make you taste a bit more. It is the dark red wine with purple reflection, a unique variety among Croatian wines. It is produced by few island’s families. The quantity is very limited because not many grapes of this variety have been preserved. The quality of this wine is definitely superb. Dobričić wine combined with another Dalmatian variety Crljenak of Kaštela mix into the most popular Croatian wine Plavac Mali. If you are a wine lover keep exploring variety of island’s wine.

Continue your gastronomic adventure by tasting some of extra-virgin olive oils, produced from two well known varieties: Levantinka (Šoltanka) and Oblica. These olive oils are also called „Liquid gold“. It is important to mention that Šoltan’s olive oil was entered into the Register of Protected Designations og Origin and Protected Geographical Indications. Try it with grilled fish, fresh and caught in local waters, pour it on your salad made of freshly picked vegetables from the local market. In any case, you will enjoy it. If you are a true lover of olive oil, don’t wait for the summer season. Join us for olive – picking period during autumn. Extend your knowledge of olive oil and enjoy its unforgettable taste.

Another island’s famous flavour is honey. The tradition of bee-keeping is very long tradition which goes back to the ancient times. This honey has a taste of wild rosemary which is highly valued variety. The locals call it Olintio. There are few families, bee keepers, that you can visit and learn how honey is produced, and take a jar of honey as a souvenir home. That way you will take some of Šolta’s flavours back home.

Agritourism Kaštelanac

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Tvrdić Honey

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Olive oil – OPG Ivana Kukoč

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Talking about traditional dishes of Šolta always brings us to grilled fish. These fish are fresh and caught by local fishermen in Šolta’s waters. Spice it with a pinch of wild rosemary and cover it with olive oil, we are sure you will never forget this taste.

If you are a sweet lover you might try some of traditional Dalmatian desserts like carob cake, paradižot or fritters. Also, when visiting family farms don’t forget to try some of the tasty liqueurs and jams from island plants and fruit. Ask for a jar of it and bring some island flavours home so you can extend your experience even when the vacation is over.