Active vacation


This is one of the best ways to explore Šolta. There are many trails and paths across the island. The most popular direction goes by the coast from Grohote to Gornje Selo to Srednje Selo and Donje Selo. If you choose to see inner parts you can start form Maslinica, Stomorska, Nečujam and Rogač.

While visiting some of the island settlements make sure to visit local churches, old stone houses and walk through narrow alleys. Take a walk to some of the bays to enjoy the crystal clear sea and a breathtaking views. Don’t forget to come by the local taverns to taste some of delicious traditional dishes.


    This is one of the most popular ways of exploring Šolta these days. Every year, more and more tourists choose biking to see the most interesting spots of Šolta. It is not just relaxing but also a good way to feel the nature. The island’s terrain is good enough for experienced cyclists but also for those less experienced. There are numerous possibilities to explore, through pine woods, olive groves or by the road.

    Bike routes are mapped, they connect Stomorska to Maslinica. You can take the asphalt road or unpaved well maintained trails. These trails take you by the sea, alongside olive groves and through the pine wood. In this way you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and breathtaking views from higher points.

    When you feel tired you can stop for a break in Grohote or Gornje Selo. There you can have some snack in local taverns.

    Be aware that summer temperatures get really high, so bring some water, a cap and try to start your tour earlier in the morning. If you feel too hot, you can always stop in one of the bays and refresh yourselves in the sea.

    Rent a bike/scooter
    Put Radovanja 3, Grohote
    +385 (0)91 393 1303

    The island of Šolta has a lot to offer. The position of the island is ideal for daily trips because it is only 17 km away from Split which is connected to other islands and coastal destinations in Dalmatia. Most of tourists choose Šolta for a longer vacation with many trips to other destinations. If you are looking for active vacation, you can pick among hiking, biking, sea kayaking, scuba diving with an instructor, boating and various excursions on Šolta.

    Sea kayaking

    The Adriatic Sea is usually calm which makes it perfect for sea kayaking. This activity is getting more and more popular with every new season. The best way is to start from the main beach in Maslinica. From there you can go to the nearby islets to explore and to enjoy the amazing sunset. Also, you can start from the main beach in Nečujam. There you can explore some of the eight coves nearby. In any case, you will have amazing experience.

    Rent a kayak / SUP
    +385 (0)99 37 92 353


    Scuba diving, Trips around the island & Transfers

    To explore not just the island itself but also turquoise, crystal clear and calm sea is something that most of us dream of. Scuba diving is definitely one of the most wanted activities. To dive into a deep blue sea and to explore the sea bottom is another exciting activity which Šolta offers. There are few scuba diving centres on the island with competent staff who are very passionate, highly experienced and familiar with best underwater spots for scuba diving. We would recommend you not to go scuba diving by yourselves. Instead, take some of licensed guides on the island who will help you discover all the beauty of Šoltan waters.

    These waters are very attractive to divers since they hide sunken ships, numerous caves, abudant species of flora and fauna and steep rocks fall into the depths. There are different scuba diving locations where you can explore the traces of past times. You can choose to explore the sea life in the southern part of the island, try the magic of night diving or explore the ship wreckages.

    Choosing this activity will give you opportunity to make some unforgettable memories under the water.

    The diving spots around Solta and the surrounding islands are impressive by their rich colours and the crystal-clear water with visibility in excess of 50 m.

    The shoreline offers many steep walls, caves, fields of gorgonians, reefs and wrecks. Needless to say all these are ideal diving locations for the beginner and the experienced diver.

    Riva Pelegrin 47, Stomorska
    +385 (0)21 658 302
    +385 (0)91 754 6435

    Climbing Križice

    Climbing “Križice” is located on the south side of the island in area called Križice above the sea with fantastic views of the open sea and islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis. Although the rocks are above the sea, the routes are not right next to the surface of the sea, because approximately 4 m above the surface there are shelves on which one can stand. There is also a “handrail” (fixed rope) by which one can access the routs from lower side and it also serves as a fixed point for self-protection of a climber who supports a partner.

    Access: 10 min by car, 20 min walking
    From the center of Grohote next to a large water reservoir go straight on gravel road to the south (starting signposts leading to the parking lot), by the water reservoir take right then take left on the first and second crossroads, keep straight to end of the road and widening.

    There is enough room to turn the car and parking for two to three cars, and it is also possible to leave the car fifty meters before reaching this widening. The gravel road is of a very good quality and it is wide enough for any car. The distance between asphalt (center Grohote) and the parking lot is around 3.5 km.

    Continue to follow large dry stone wall to the left and at the stone houses with collapsed roof and a cistern turn right. Here begin tags in the form of stone cones and marks in red on the rocks and trees. The trail winds through a labyrinth of stone walls and stone paths generally to the south, partly crossing through a decimated meadow and low vegetation, It further continues with stone walls again until reaching the edge of the rocks. There is a very nice
    “zen” tree with beautiful shelf of pine needles and grass in the shade of a large stone wall for a rest.

    Some characteristic GPS coordinates:

    • Lat. Long. Parking N 43° 22′ 19” E 16° 16′ 34”
    • Turning off the main road (by the stone house) N 43° 22′ 15” E 16° 16′ 40”
    • The large stone wall before descending to the meadow N 43° 22′ 10” E 16° 16′ 40”
    • The rock N 43° 22′ 3” E 16° 16′ 37”

    CAUTION! It is possible for local olive growers to take down the stone cones or to cover up the marks on the stone wall, which is why extra caution is needed when choosing the path!

    At the edge of the rocks there are red cones and arrow on the rock and the marks next to the prepared anchorages to “descend” (descent rope) to enter the routes. There is also prepared a fixed rope from the tree to the upper anchorage direction no. 1 to access from above directions 1-3, and short fix rope to access direction no. 9, which can be climbed or one can go down to the bottom “rails”.
    To descend from the upper anchorages to the bottom of the rock 60m of a rope is enough.

    About the rock

    • South oriented, 20 m height, mildly overhanging to vertical
    • Rock width is 40 meters, high quality limestone, vertical or slightly overhanging (about 2m on 20m height)
    • Handler are very diverse: tiles, flow stone, holes …
    • Orientation: south-southwest
    • The possibility of climbing: throughout the year, due to the southern exposure in the summer is too hot during the day. It is fully protected from the northern wind, and the strong south wind blows only in the highest part, since its shape of an amphitheater protects from wind the lower and central part of the rock. After the rain grips dry quickly.


      The Tvrdić family has been producing beekeepers for three generations and making honey in Grohote, on the island of Solta.

      They are open every day except Sunday and Wednesday from 10am to 12pm.

      Visit them to learn about the fascinating life of bees and to experience the true natural way of life.

      Tvrdić Honey
      Put Krajna 68, Grohote
      +385 (0) 91 543 77 86


      (Olive Oil Tour of Šolta Island; Honey, Olive Oil and Wine of Šolta Island – Tasting Tour; Self-Guided Bike Tour – Šolta Island; Explore Solta – Guided Bike Tour)

      Discover Šolta Agency is a professional tour company specializing in cultural, historic, culinary and adventure programs on Šolta Island. From gourmet experiences to discovering the islands on a bicycle, they offer a complete range of exciting Šolta programs. All guides are Croatian or live right here on Šolta -passionate and ready to show you a great time.

      We invite you to discover Šolta’s unique beauty and culture with us and local olive growers, beekepers, fishermen, winemakers, artists and other native islanders. —passionate about their island and ready to show you great experiences !

      Put Grohota 16, Gornje Selo
      +385 (0)98 983 6160


      +385 (0)91 209 8552


      Tennis courts Stomorska

      Put Krušice 16, Stomorska
      +385 (0)21 658 309
      +385 (0)91 585 4368

      Archery Club Oliveto

      If you want an ideal getaway from the routine, step inside the fort of Archery Club Oliveto at the entrance of the village Maslinica. Surrounded by a thick pine forest, you can try your skill in shooting with bows andarrows and for a moment travel through time to the Middle Ages.

      All weapons are handmade. You can learn all about the process of creating archery equipment. The club also offers workshops for children and handmade telescope to enjoy the starry nights. Fun for everyone guaranteed!

      Jakša Radman
      Put lokve 23, Maslinica
      + 385 (0)98 997 3545

      Beauty salon

      Top cosmetic center near the villa provides waxing, massage, nail, eyebrow, etc.

      Owner: Danijela Markoč

      Put krajna 38
      mob: +385 (0)95 582 3815

      Working hours

      Mon, Tue, Wed 12-8 pm
      Thu, Fri 8am – 4pm

      Instagram: danchi_nails_beauty