The Island of Šolta is situated near Split, on distance of only 9 nautical miles (17 km). During the season they are connected by 6 ferry and 2 speedboat lines per day. Over the past decade Šolta has become practically a suburb of Split. Visit us and enjoy in crystal clear sea, numeruous pebble beaches not crowded with bathers, all with realistic and affordable prices.

Soak the sun, get tanned and afterwards rested, leave the beach and head over to one of the numerous family-run farms on the island. There you can learn about the art of making oil, wine and honey. Have a glass of famous Dobričić wine, in the same cellar where it’s made, served with olive pate made of Šolta’s olives and anchovies in golden, awardwinning olive-oil.


Stomorska is a small fishermen’s settlement. It is situated in the north-east of the island of Šolta and 12 km away from the main port in Rogač (10 km away from Villa Giove). Stomorska has always been the home to skilled seamen and fishermen. It is also the oldest coastal settlement on the island.

The place is a combination of old and modern. There are old stone houses and modern caffe bars and Dalmatian taverns, also small wooden local boats and tourists’sailing boats, but in any case Stomorska is a charming Dalmatian place you must visit. Besides this, it is a wonderful place with beautiful beaches which stretch along the bay.

Come to Stomorska, feel its charm, meet the fishermen selling the fish in the early morning you won’t regret anything.

Gornje Selo

Gornje Selo is one of the smallest settlements on the island. It is situated at an altitude. There is a church with a bell which dominates the village.

The place has always been known for fishing, farming, olive and wine growing. It is a typical example of the Dalmatian architecture. Most of the original stone houses are restored.

Gornje Selo has a great gastronomic offer. Here you can taste different flavours of olive oils, wine or some herb liqueurs.


Nečujam is situated in the northern part of the island. It is only 9 miles away from Split. This is actually the youngest settlement on the island.

Nečujam is part of the biggest bay on the island which includes eight coves: Bok Supetra, Šumpjivina, Podkamenica, Maslinica, Tiha, Bok od rata, Piškera and Supetar. Many consider it the most beautiful bay because of many beaches and coves with crystal clear sea and pine wood shadow.

During the past it was known by its Latin name Vallissurda (the Deaf Bay). It got it because any sound in this bay turns into a whisper.


Grohote is the oldest settlement on the island of Šolta. It is situated at the edge of Šolta’s field. It is also at the intersection which connects Stomorska and Maslinica. It is only 2 km away from Rogač, the main port on the island.

Grohote has always been some sort of the island with many facilities. Here you can find a police station, a pharmacy, a post office and a fire brigade station. It is also administrative centre of the island.

In the centre of Grohote you can walk through the narrow alleys, see old stone houses and feel the old rustic Dalmatian charm of the place.


Rogač is situated on the northern side of the island very close to Grohote. It is the main port of the island these days.

Rogač has become another interesting destination on the island of Šolta thanks to its central position, intact nature with beautiful beaches and its road access to the port. Although, it has important role in transport of the guests and during the season it is crowded with tourists who arrive or depart, it is also a nice place to stay.

Here you can enjoy in wonderful beaches but at the same time be close to the port.

Srednje Selo

Srednje Selo is a small settlement that you can see passing by the road between Donje Selo and Grohote. It is located on the mild slopes of the northern side of the Middle Field. This settlement was founded in the Middle Ages and it used to be much more populated than today.

Like other settlements on the island, there are narrow, irregular, stone-paved alleys. When visiting this place take a look on Lukin dvor and Purtića dvor, two unique houses that stand out.

This place also has a rustic charm and is great to visit. Many tourists go on biking tour from Grohote to Srednje Selo to Donje Selo and finally to Maslinica.

Donje Selo

Donje Selo is a typical Dalmatian settlement. It is located near Srednje Selo, by the road which goes from Maslinica to Stomorska.

This place was founded long time ago in the period of Antiquity. There are different remains from that period like remains of villa rustica and remains of St.Jela’s church from 6th century. There is also the Parish Church of St. Martin, an old cemetary church. Like in other Šolta’s settlements, people used to live from farming and fishing but today most of them grow olive trees and produce wine.

If you visit Donje Selo don’t miss visiting the amazing bay of Donja Krušica.


Maslinica is a sttlement on the west side of the island. It is also a port. This place has one of the most breathtaking views on the Adriatic. Maslinica Bay is surrounded by pine wood and beautiful stone beaches. There are seven small islets (Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Rudula and Grmej) in front of its bay which makes this place even more amazing. Maslinica combines the beauty of unspoilt nature with historical features.

The settlement was built around the castle Marchi in 1708. The history says the Marchi brothers built a castle to defend the village from pirate attacks. They also built the church of St. Nicholas on the southern hill of the bay.

Since then, Maslinica has grown a lot. It has become a real touristic destination with a marina and a castle which was turned into exquisite restaurant. The place it self has a lot to offer. From swimming and diving in crystal clear sea to biking or fishing. Maslinica is very close to Šipkova Bay, the only sandy beach on the island. Kayaking is also very popular here, especially to nearby islets. If you want to taste traditional local food it would be good idea to visit Šešula Bay which offers great gastronomic experience.

Maslinica is also well known place which was awarded for the best tourist destination in the Adriatic with less than 1000 inhabitants (2012) and as the best Authentic Coastal Destination (2017).