Villa Giove, Solta, with heated pool, near the sea Grohote

Beaches and coves

Dive into the beauty of many bays on the southern side of the Šolta. Take a swim or try your luck fishing in turquoise oases. Enjoy the view, the nature, beauty and peace of its beaches – perfect spots to relax and get some rest.

Šolta is an island yet to be experienced – its southern bays are absolutely must see. Excellent for exploring adventures or day trips. Enjoy in swimming, diving, sunbathing or fishing. You will be stunned by the dark blue open sea when you get away from the shore. Take a view of nearby islands of Vis and Hvar. In the south-west take the route from Maslinica to get to the other side of the island and capes close to Brač and Livka bay. In the southeast, numerous hidden coves can be found.

Southern bays

Šešula bay

A popular bay which lies very close to Maslinica. It can be reached by car, by bike or on foot.

The bay offers a natural protection from southern wind Jugo but also from northern wind Bura. Because of this Šešula Bay is one of the most popular bay in the Central Dalmatian archipelago.

Besides these facts you will be stunned by the view and excellent gastronomic offer.

Poganica Bay

A small bay situated south-west of Šešula Bay. You can reach it on foot by macadam path. It will take you only about ten minutes from the end of the path to the bay.

The bay itself seems idyllic. There is a small beach with a single house.

It is surrounded by intact nature with many aromatic herbs native to the Mediterranean area.

Zaglav Bay

A small bay near to Grohote. It is also called Vela Luka. It can be reached by boat or on foot by footpath from Grohote.

Here you can enjoy in beautiful turquoise sea. There are only few authentic stone houses on the shore.

Tatinja Bay

A bay near Grohote. It can be reached by bike or on foot by macadam path from Grohote.

You can also reach it by boat but the anchorage depth is at about 5 to 10 m. This bay is very popular among cliff divers. In the middle of the bay you can see two rocks which are reminiscent of two islets.

There are few small beaches which are well protected from both north and south wind. The sea is crystal clear.

Jorja Bay

The closest bay to Tatinja Bay. It can be reached by village footpath but also by boat thanks to a quite large anchorage area.

There is a beautiful pebble beach with a single house.

The view is breathtaking. In between Jorja Bay and Tatinja Bay the remains of prehistoric fortress Gradine lies at the altitude of 64 m.

Senjska Bay

A beautiful southern bay which can be reached on foot by macadam path from Gornje Selo.

Here you can enjoy in peace and quiet next to the crystal clear sea.

There is a local legend about Illyrian queen Teuta who liked it so much that she had built a fortress Gradec on Mir Hill in Senjska.

Stračinska Bay

Hidden by the thick pine woods this bay can be reached by bike or on foot from Gornje Selo. It can also be reached by boat but not safe for your boat during Jugo blasts (south wind).

There are few houses on the beach. Actually, there are two beches, Velo Žalo on the right and Malo Žalo on the left. There is also a small hidden pebble beach with an interesting name “Di dida pere guzicu” (“Where Grandpa Washes His Ass”).

In the same gulf there is the Sajtija Bay from which you can get a stunning view of the island of Vis.


It is located near the Split Gates and is closest to the island of Brač.

You can reach it by macadam path from Gornje Selo, and some of its outer parts by car, too.

In its vicinity is Cape Bad.

Northern bays

Donja Krušica – (Donja – Lower)

A small bay situated in north-west towards Maslinica. It used to be a home to small fishing ports. Today, it is a peaceful place where you can have rest and a good swim.

It can be reached by car, by bike or on foot from Donje Selo. The view is just in an old Dalmatian postcard, small boats in crystal clear sea and few stone houses by the waterfront.

Gornja Krušica – (Gornja – Upper)

A stunning bay situated in the north-east towards the island of Brač, below Vela Straža, which is actually the highest point of the island.

It can be reached on foot from Gornje Selo or by boat from Stomorska. The bay used to be a fishermen’s village and it kept the old stone houses until today which makes it even more charming.

This piece of heaven is equally visited by tourists and local inhabitants who want to enjoy the beauty of the bay with reflecting pine wood which surrounds the bay.


One of bigger villages on the island of Šolta. Very popular among tourists and local inhabitants. There are beautiful beaches on both sides of the centre. You can soak up the sun, swim or have rest.

If you are brave enough you can jump from the rocks and go diving. The beach Điga and rocks stretching alongside the promenade are perfect for sunbathing but if you want peace and quiet you can go further down to Cape Pelegrin where you can find many coves.


The main island port.

Here you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the main beach.

If you are on sports side, take a 20 min walk to reach one of two beautiful beaches where you can enjoy crystal clear sea.


A very big bay with eight coves. Most of them can be reached by bike, by boat or on foot.

When here don’t miss to visit Potkamenica, Mala Maslinica, Piškera or Šumpjivina. You can enjoy mud bath in Piškera cove or you can try fishing.

It is well known that the Roman emperor Diocletian enjoyed this long time ago.


The main beach in Maslinica is a true pearl to see. It is perfect to rest and enjoy the sea with a stunning view of the islets. Here you can do all sorts of activities like kayaking or exploring by boat. If you get enough of this you can look for a refreshment in a nearby beach bar.

It is also important to mention, there are few more coves on the way to Maslinica, when you come from Donja Krušica. These coves can be reached by boat. The only sandy beach is located in Šipkova cove. You can get there by car, by bike or on foot.